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Image Background Detection And Enhancement Of Colour Image Using Morphological Contrast

In this paper, some morphological transformations are used to detect the background in images characterized by poor lighting. Lately, contrast image enhancement has been carried out by the application of two operators based on the Weber’s law n .....

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Authors : 1.Srikanth Veesam, 2.N. Salma Sulthana
Voltage Sag Compensation Using Synchronously Reference Frame Theory Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer

This paper showcases one of the custom power device which is used to recover the voltage sag mostly occur at distribution system is Dynamic Voltage Restorer. The method applied to control this device is based on Synchronously Reference Frame theory t .....

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Authors : P.Pramada Kumari
Quality Risk Analysis For Sustainable Smart Water Supply Using Data Perception

There are significant obstacles to constructing sustainable smart water supply systems in urban cities across the globe. The standard of our drinking water has become an issue of paramount importance in modern society, shifting the focus of municipal .....

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Authors : 1.Kodavati Soundarya, 2.Ch Papa Rao
Wearable Antennas For Wireless Applications

This research paper suggests both the design and the execution of wearable antennas for use in wireless applications. The primary objective of this research is to concentrate on the design and hardware implementation of various types of antennas usin .....

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Authors : 1. Mehaboob Mujawar, 2. Dr R Purushotham Naik. 3. Dr M Pavithra Jyothi
UPFC Based Multilevel Cascade Converter For Power Quality Improvement In DC System

While renewable energy is a viable alternative energy source, when connected to the grid, it may offer additional challenges and problems. Likewise, wind turbines must deliver high-quality power in order to maintain the grid's stability & rel .....

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Authors : 1. K Naresh Goud, 2. M Ragini

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