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Authentication Of Product & Counterfeits Elimination Using Blockchain

Blockchain technologies have gained interest over the last years. While the most explored use case is financialtransactions, it has the capability to agitate other markets. Blockchain remove the need for trusted intermediaries, can facilitate faster .....

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Authors : 1.Garapati Keerthipriya, 2.K. Chinna Nagaraju
Machine Learning Based Online Fake Products Review Analysis And Monitoring Using NLTP

Online Shopping is increasing day by day and more people are interested in buying the products of their need from the online stores. This type of shopping takes less time and easy for customer. Customer searches the item of his/her need through onlin .....

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Authors : 1.Mallipudi Smily, 2.K.CHINNA NAGA RAJU
Sign Language Recognition System Using Convolutional Neural Network And ComputerVision

Conversing to a person with hearing disability is always a major challenge. Sign language has indelibly become the ultimate panacea and is a very powerful tool for individuals with hearing and speech disability to communicate their feelings and opini .....

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Authors : 1.Romala Sri Lakshmi Mural, 2.L.D.Ramayy, 3.V. Anil Santosh
IMDB Movie Review Analysis Using Traditional Machine Learning Models

Sentiment analysis is the analysis of emotions and opinions from any form of text. Sentiment analysis is also termed as opinion mining. Sentiment analysis of the data is very useful to express the opinion of the mass or group or any individual. This .....

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Authors : 1.Kakarla Phani Sravya, 2.Jamanania
Online User Depression Detection Using Text Sequence With Neural Network

Depression is a psychological disorder that affects over three hundred million humans worldwide. A person who is depressed suffers from anxiety in daytoday life, which affects that person in the relationship with their family and friends, leading to .....

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Authors : 1.Palivela Jyothi, 2.Athili Venkataraju

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