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1 Honeypot Based Intrusion Detection System To Counter Attacks On SSH 1.I SAJID ALI , 2.SIVA RAMA KRISHNA T

Network intrusion attacks are performed quite immensely these days, malicious intruder performs attacks on the infrastructure of a network of organizations. The increase in the number of various intruders and different attacks has made mitigation and security implementation a hard task to be achieved. In order to accomplish felonious access over server attackers target Secure Shell service. In this paper, an intrusion detection operation and web trap for intruders is performed on the SSH service. A fake file system is created which will camouflage itself as the original root. A honeypot system which remains an effective environment in gathering intelligence about the intruder and information is used which are highly sufficient in the identification of the attacker is collected. In this paper, the honeypot is used to by-port the main SSH port and run the fake file system of the honeypot in the main port to mislead and trap the details of the intruder. By the end of the process reports and play logs will be generated on the performed attacks which would be useful for further research phase. Using visualization tools would further help in the analysis of the activity of the attacker.

2 Compensation Of Harmonics And Dynamic Reactive Power With Grid Interconnection Using Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Control Technique 1.T.Kranthi Kumar , 2.Ragini

The matrix interconnection of sustainable power source is a mainstream issue in the electric utilities. Different sorts of converter topology in network interconnection have been enhanced by analysts to enhance control quality and effectiveness of the electrical system. The primary commitment of this paper is that shunt half and half dynamic power channel (SHAPF) with a DC-DC converter at dc connection is to give interconnection between sustainable source and network with direct unique burdens. The other commitment of this paper is to display a novel control system for responsive power pay and music disposal in modern systems utilizing a half and half dynamic power channel as a mix of a three stage, two level voltage source converter associated in parallel with single tuned LC aloof filter. In proposed control strategy, receptive power remuneration is accomplished effectively with discernible amount. Besides, the execution aftereffects of symphonious pay are acceptable. Hypothetical examinations and recreation results are gotten from a real mechanical system display in PSCAD. The reenactment results are introduced for proposed framework with a specific end goal to exhibit that the symphonious remuneration execution meets the IEEE-519 standard.

3 Privacy Implementation in Content Based Publishing System Using IBE 1.Dr. Y. Dasaratha Rami Reddy, 2.G. Sreenivasa Reddy

During a content-primarily based totally publish/subscribe system, supplying the essential protection mechanisms like authentication and confidentiality may be very difficult. Owing to the free coupling of writer and subscribers it`s hard to achieve authentication for them. Similarly, confidentiality of occasions and subscriptions conflicts. By adapting the pairing-primarily based totally cryptography mechanisms, authentication of publishers and subscribers in addition as confidentiality of occasions is ensured. The fashionable method presents fine-grained key control and consequently the fee for cryptography, decryption, and routing is in the order of signed attributes.